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As parents we understand your position When searching for tutors We know what you need and what works. Our children have successfully attended: Cornell, Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Bucknell, seton Hall, and Cardozo.

Getting an A+ is more than a goal. It’s a process that involves motivating, skill building, and matching goals with results. A Plus Advantage NYC Tutors are specially selected and highly trained to be more than just homework helpers. Our NY Tutors motivate students to reach their potential. NY Tutors work with students of all ages to improve their organizational skills and subject knowledge. Abilities and talents are nurtured in areas from elementary math, English and reading, to upper level science, foreign language and test preparation. We have NYC tutors who are skilled in working with students with special needs; including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and autism. In a competitive world, don ‘t you want to give your child every Advantage?

Early Childhood Development Tutoring

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Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Our professional tutors recognize the pressure on today’s students and work with your child to enhance his/her abilities to the full potential. The development of organizational skills is most important for this age group. Our tutors work with your child to maximize his/her talents and abilities. We provide support in reading and math, history and science. Homework help is always available.


Middle and High School Subjects, New York, NY, Tutoring

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Middle and High School Subjects

Our specially trained and selected tutors offer individualized programs that pinpoint each student’s needs. We have tutors who will help your students achieve their goals. Click here for a full listing of subjects.


NYC Tutors | College Curriculum
Our-upper level tutors can assist with all levels of college courses. In addition to the subjects above, we have tutors who will work with you in advanced classes. To view the NYC classes Click here

NY Tutors, New York, Tutoring

New York Tutors, New York, Tutoring

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